Computer Prototype and Assembly Lab at UAA - Research and Career Opportunity Resources

Collaboration and Grant Programs of Interest

  1. Intel: Intel University Collaborative Research (faculty), Intel Embedded Education and Research Program (faculty), and Embedded Shared Curriculum (faculty), Perceptual Computing Challenge (student), Cornell Cup (student).
  2. UAA: FLEUR Faculty Grants (faculty), Faculty Development, UNAC Faculty CAFE, OURS Student Grants (student), Student Travel
  3. Alaska Space Grant and NASA: RID Seed Grants (faculty), Higher Education Faculty Grants (faculty), Student Programs (student)
  4. CU-Boulder: EEF (facutly and student), CU Internal Grants, CU Graduate Student Funding (student), Travel Grants (student)

Computer Engineering Research Career Resources

To build a career in industry most Computer Engineers use IEEE Jobs, Monster, the EE Times Embedded and Dice or other online resources for industry Computer Science and Engineering career advice.

But ... what if you want to go to grad school or pursue a career in research? The following are some good places to look for opportunity and to compare the statistics related to a research vs. industry career path. If you enjoy Undergraduate Research, then going to graduate school for an MS or PhD can open up more research oriented careers in industry as well as academic and research institutions. To get an idea of this for Computer Engineering, take a look at the following:

  1. HPC Wire: Great list of scalable computing jobs, often research oriented in scientific computing.
  2. Computing Research Association: Traditional CE research, for students and faculty. Check out CS URGE
  3. Engineering Academic Careers: Numerous options for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty
  4. Science Academic Careers: Numerous options for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty