UAA A219 - Computer Prototype Assembly Lab

Engineering Building, 3310 UAA Drive, 2nd Floor, A219
Mailing Address: 3211 Providence Drive, ENGR 227C, Anchorage, AK  99508

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Linux Server: running Ubnutu 12.04 LTS, xrdp and ssh services connected to a dual homed with Cisco RV082 Router for private lab network.
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CPAL Supported Classes
Computer and Machine Vision
Operating Systems
CPAL Supported Undergraduate Research (Present)
John Harriss - Alaska Space Grant Fellowship, Semi-Autonomous Submersible
Dr. Sam Siewert and Vitaly Ivanov - Computational Photometer, 3D Vision with FPGA Acceleration
Dr. Martin Cenek and Students - Image Recognition Neuromorphic Algorithms
Dr. Randy Moulic - Linux Beowulf Cluster
CPAL Supported Undergraduate Research (Past)
Wolfram Donat and Zachary Mildon - Alaska Space Grant Fellowship, Capstone, Teleoperated Computer Vision Guided Submersible
CPAL Research Project Publications and Conference Participation
  1. May 2014 - Computational Photometer
  2. CU-Boulder Seminar Spring 2014 - Computational Photometer
  3. IEEE Alaska Section Spring 2014 - Computational Photometer
  4. Intel Embedded Education and Research Symposium, 2013 Report, Recommended Reading List - 2013
  5. Intel Embedded Education and Research Symposium - 2013, Photos, Poster
  6. Intel Embedded Education and Research Symposium - 2012, CU Boulder Poster
  7. CloudCon2013 - Research in Progress - On-Demand Cloud High Performance Computing for Video Analytics, Abstract
  8. IBM Cloud Scaling Series for IBM developerWorks
  9. IBM big data in the cloud for IBM developerWorks
  10. RTECS - Real-Time Embedded Components and Systems
  11. RoadNarrows Thursday Talk - Overview of Work in Progress

Student Research Project Details

  1. Collaboration with CU-Boulder on FreeRTOS, running on this board with this ARM SoC, and development of USB camera drivers for Computer Vision.
  2. Collaboration with CU-Boulder on Computational Photometer, a small Altera DE0 or DE0 Nano interface with a custom shield board using the TI-Decoder for 3D Binocular analog CCTV cameras and FTDI USB host interface, specifically this one to uplink to systems like the Beagle xM or Raspberry Pi. The goal is a custom board with TI-Decoder, CPLD, and FTDI for a smart analog camera interface for less than $200 cost. The board can also interface to the lab equipped DE2i boards provided by Intel Corporation.
  3. New projects?

A219 Lab Hardware Platform List

  1. Transformer Nehalem Xeon E5504 Quad-Core Server running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with two Tesla GP-GPU
  2. Many-Core Co-Processor: Intel Xeon Phi Info, Xeon Phi OpenCL for Linux, OpenCL for Xeon Phi, Performance Measurement, Xeon Phi on Ubuntu, More on Xeon Phi on Ubuntu
  3. Mobile Hybrid FPGA Board: Terasic DE2i Info, Cornell Summary of DE2i, Cornell Cup using DE2i
  4. Hybrid FPGA Co-Processor: Terasic DE4 Info
  5. Mobile: Beagle xM used in A219 Lab, with Logitech C200 Camera, running Ubuntu or Angstrom Linux - TI OMAP3 ARM Coretex A8 SoC, Beagle Org
  6. Off-the-Shelf Test Cameras and Frame Grabbers: Numerous CCTV NTSC Analog using Hauppauge (Bt878) Decoder or TI TVP5147EVM Decoder, Logitech C200, Leopard LI-LBCM3M1, Foxtech PAL Camera, Simple USB Wireless-N.
  7. OTS Test Systems:NEW Beagle Bone Black, Broadcomm SoC ARM-11 Raspberry Pi, Gumstix Overo® FireSTORM COM, NVIDIA Jetson TK1
  8. RPI: Camera Board, EEWeb RPi Article, and Wolf Donat's Book on it
  9. Test Camera Sources: Sony XCLC30 CameraLink High Speed (130 fps), Creative Interactive Camera, Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, Raytrix Research Light Field Cameras, Lytro Consumer Light Field Camera, Tetracam Multi-spectral, Pixelteq, HySpexVerde, Specim, Surface Optics, AISA, Canon 5D Modified, JAI TIR Cameras, IDT Vision, Axray IR Cameras, Xenics NIR, Point Grey, Sony GiGE Vision, Machine Vision Store, Basler Camera.
  10. 3D Test Cameras: Overview of 3D Camcorders, JVC 3D HD.
  11. Structured Light Projection and RGB-D Cameras with Depth-Mapping: TI DLP Structured Light Projector, ASUS Xtion Pro, PrimeSense.
A219 Lab Test Equipment List
  1. Agilent 16801A Logic Analyzer (on loan from EE)
  2. Agilent 6012A MSO (on loan from EE)
  3. Agilent 34410A DMM (on loan from EE)
  4. Agilent E3631A Triple Output Power Supply (on loan from EE)
  5. Corsair AX1200i, Accuracy, Clamp Meter alternative.
  6. To be acquired: Intronix Logicport, 34 channel, 500MhZ Analyzer(s)
  7. To be acquired: Total Phase I2C Analyzer
  8. To be acquired: Total Phase USB2.0 Analyzer
A219 Software of Interest List
  1. FreeRTOS
  2. OMAP Angstrom Linux
  3. Ubuntu Linux
  4. Point Cloud Library (PCL)
  5. OpenCV (Computer Vision)
CV and MV Smart Cameras
  1. Matrox Smart Camera
  2. NI Vision and Smart Cameras
  3. Adlink Smart Camera
  4. Discontinued XIMEA Smart Camera
CameraLink and Analog Video Frame Grabbers
  1. Euresys
  2. Hauppauge Analog to USB, Legacy PCI Cards - WinTV Go, replaced by current Analog Capture Card ImpactVCB
  3. National Instruments Frame Grabbers
  4. Matrox Frame Grabbers
Beagle and TI-OMAP Power Resources
  1. BeagleJuice
  2. Battery Junction
Power Aware Computing and Applications Resources
  1. Intel Power Aware
  2. Intel Power Aware Atom, Atom LEAP, Atom LEAP at 2011 Embedded Symposium
  3. Windows Power Aware API, MS Research
  4. Digital ATX PSU for Efficiency Monitoring, YouTube Video on Corsair

Research and Job Opportunity Resources